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Before I go any further, I would like to explain that the title of this journal is an aspiration. Right Motherhood is a practice I aspire to each and every day… and more often than not fail. But it is a journey to which I am committed.

And a good job, too, since my daily life is filled with five young men aged now 17, 14, 12, 10, and 6, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with autism when he was a little over two; an over-lively Jack Russell named Juno, her arch-nemesis a chocolate labrador Aphrodite, and my partner in business, who just happens to be my able and beloved companion on this path.

As he has just this moment said to me, that aforementioned companion, oh-so-wisely: “People think that work and life are different things, but they should be interchangeable: Life is what you do.”

Here, I intend to chart my progress, (or stasis, or regression!) on the path to raising a family in as mindful and compassionate fashion as I am capable. You will also find reference to books that have helped or been instrumental in some way, under “Recommended Reading”. Where I can, I shall link to relevant information. Some of those things charted will work, others will fail, some will help, others caution; but all is real, lived through, authentic… Life.


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