Mr Potato Head

I’m mostly over here at the moment. So if you feel like popping over to say hello, I’ll be happy to see you there 🙂

The Ted Diaries

Mister Tatato Ed is the new crush.


I mean, it’s official. They are in love. They go everywhere together: bed, bath, nursery. The last cry at night is “Mister Tatato!” and the first in the morning…. When I go to bed, I spend some time in his room rummaging underneath him for the requisite parts, fearful that it’s an uncomfortable sleeping partner, though he appears oblivious to the whole affair.

So imagine my chagrin when lovely Linsey at nursery asked if it would be possible not to bring him in any more. You see, the other little ones (and let’s remember they’re only two and three years old) know very well who Mr Potato Head is. And they love him, too. They are liable to become a little distressed when Teddy doesn’t allow them a turn. And Teddy, for his part, becomes a little disgruntled when they start getting too…

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