Day 9: In the Face of Adversity

I had been dreading today.

At two this morning, my littlest woke up crying. I dragged myself from bed and gave him a bottle of water. He went straight back to sleep.

I didn’t.

I watched dawn breaking with increasing anxiety.

And most of today’s meditation took place before I got up. It is Sod’s Law that you don’t sleep the night before a big day, isn’t it? Last night was no exception.

I lay in bed focusing on the breath. And inviting sleep. And being given the slip.

So I decided to try my new meditation: lovingkindness. Sending it out into the world, hoping some of it found its mark.

Today was challenging to say the least, and I had to do something I really didn’t want to do. The kind of day that threatens equilibrium and demands enormous levels of self-control. And tired is not the best condition in which to face it.

And had I not begun this new regime, I suspect I would have been far less equipped to cope. I have used it all day. And if any of the experiences I have had so far on this challenge were to convince me of the power of meditation, today is the day.

I am converted.

And exhausted.

So, more tomorrow.


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