Meditation – the 30-Day Challenge

I have mentioned Dr Wayne W Dyer before. On many occasions. I also follow his feed on facebook, and yesterday a very timely update appeared in my newsfeed. The link was to the Hay House website “Heal Your Life“, but it was his preamble that snagged on my conscience. It said this:

“Once you become accustomed to regular meditation, you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll find yourself making it a top priority in life. Make a 30-Day commitment to meditation, and you will have developed a new habit–one that will serve you well for the rest of your life.”

I sighed.

I try. I fail. I make excuses. I forget about it for a while…

And then this.

So, I am accepting the 30-day challenge. I figure, with five young children aged between 2 and 12 in my life, if I can do it, then it may just be inspiration for other mothers in similar situations to give it a go.

My hope, of course, is that 30-days will lead to 30 years. 🙂

Day 1

This morning, I was woken by a bedroom door opening as one of my little ones headed for the bathroom. I looked at the time. It was about half an hour before my alarm was due to go off.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, I would roll over and try to catch 30 minutes more zzzzz, but today I remembered my intention and decided to use this time to meditate. I didn’t want to get up and risk waking anybody else, so I assumed a comfortable position, there in the warm and cozy dark, and began.

Make no mistake. I am a novice. I am not yet very good at it. I use a simple breath meditation and, in order to prevent my mind from wandering too much, I think “breathing in” on the in-breaths, and “breathing out” on the out-breaths. When I find my mind wandering, as it inevitably does, I put the puppy back on the mat and resume focusing on my breath.

It didn’t take long before I felt very calm and peaceful. In my book, that’s a very good (and rather unusual) way to feel on a school morning and the more I can do to promote and prolong that kind of atmosphere, the better.

And then I remembered Louise Hay’s affirmations. I modified my mantra a little and, began ‘saying’ “Breathing in, I welcome positivity; breathing out, I release negativity”.

By the time the house was stirring, I truly did feel positive and calm, and ready to face the world. Needless to say, it didn’t last entirely until they had all left for school, but I like to think my composure lasted noticeably longer than usual. I certainly have a renewed determination to continue with this.

But it also got me thinking (after meditation) about language, about manifestation, about what we draw into our lives. About how we can assess the level of acceptance in our lives by the language we use, entirely unconsciously.

Take my mantra, for example. I toyed with various in-breaths: “I welcome positivity, I invite positivity…” That part I didn’t question. But with the out-breaths, I began by saying “I reject negativity”.

It’s a subtle distinction, but the level of attachment is clearly higher with rejection than with release, wouldn’t you say? And if you are attached to something, you will struggle with it. Reject is too forceful, too negative. Release simply ebbs away.

Having read “Ask and it is Given“, I am also aware of the theory of manifestation: that *yearning* for something will keep it from you, but that holding in your mind that it will happen will  draw it steadily closer to you. It’s the same idea. Non-attachment. Acceptance. Invitation and Release.

What will you welcome or release today?


4 responses to “Meditation – the 30-Day Challenge

  • Lin Cook

    Well done Alice! It should get easier as it slips into your routine! Also it’s never too soon to say ‘OK, I’m off to meditate for a little while so we can all be peaceful – if you really need me I will come but please ask calmly and quietly and give me a few moments to come and help you..’ You’ll be surprised how your calm will spread through the house… (Do give yourself a moment or two to respond to any pressing arousal – even real emergencies- you will cope much more efficiently). Wishing you much peace and health from your practice,, M x

  • hersixthcircle

    Love this! You’ve just inspired me even further. I’m going to try your breathing mantra next time!

    Interesting thing happened tonight. My husband has a tendency to fall asleep if we’re just relaxing after work. For a long time I would get annoyed (long story) and try to wake him up. Then I decided to be less annoyed and just let him sleep.

    When it happened today, I expected it, welcomed it. And instead of getting up off the bed and making myself busy, I decided to lay there and attempt to meditate (novice here, too). Of course, he sleeps for much longer than I can meditate (which is why I am here now), but still, it was a nice step in a positive direction.

    I wish you plenty more success with your meditation moving forward.

    • RightMotherhood

      Love this, too! 🙂
      The inspiration works both ways. I had struggled to manage it this morning – feeling too tired – and found your comment when I got up. So, when Teddy goes to bed, I’ll try again.
      What I also love about your comment is the beautiful demonstration of the power of perspective shift and positive thought.
      We can do it! x
      P.S. Don’t you find it funny, that we believe ourselves in the power of the thing that annoys, until we make a *decision* not to be!

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