Be Here Now

I’ve had a few signposts lately (as is the usual way of my world these days) and they set some cogs whirring about life.

There is so much dissatisfaction about. So much disappointment. So many ‘if onlys’ and ‘what ifs’. And ‘if only I had…’ or ‘if only I were…’

But isn’t that missing the point?

Life isn’t going to begin when you get there, to some distant and different, new and improved destination. Life just is.



And it isn’t remotely dependent on anything *else*, *other* or *out there*.

I’ve written before about the picture on the wall in our house. I bought it because it grabbed me at the time. It says:

Live the Life you Love

And that’s an admirable aspiration…isnt’ it?

…Except that it is a little ambiguous, isn’t it? It rather depends how you read it, doesn’t it?

If you read it as a spur to a different life, then you are back to the dissatisfaction. I want to live a life like that, but this is the life I have and I can’t see how to get there, except, maybe, many years from now and once I’ve won the lottery…


Wouldn’t it be preferable to Live the Life you Have? This is my life, and if it never altered, if it never got any ‘better’, never changed in any way, would I do anything differently?

I think we would. I think we would begin to really live it. Instead of waiting for it to be different, better, more this, less that, we’d actually live it. We’d be here. Now. Present. Making the most of it, instead of trying to skim through it to get to the next, or better, bit…

After all, what’s happening while we’re waiting to get to the ‘good bit’? Our children are growing up, we’re getting older, this life that we have is passing us by… Isn’t that crazy? This one shot at this life, and we’re wasting it waiting for it to be ‘perfect’!

I should add, of course, that I’m not suggesting for a second that we should ‘accept our lot’, resign ourselves to a life that feels ‘less than’. It is always within our power to make changes, to set other wheels in motion, to move towards and aspire to a life that feels better / healthier / more satisfying. But the point is not to forget to live *now*, to make the most of what we have *here*.

We will, of course,  always be thrown challenges that threaten to rock our equilibrium, some will feel insurmountable, but each one can be assimilated and used to advance our understanding of life, of our fellow travellers, of ourselves. If we respond with integrity, we cannot be destroyed by them. The best course of action is to understand that they will, like everything else, pass.

Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is already just a memory. But today! Today is what we have. Grab it with both hands and live it.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.


2 responses to “Be Here Now

  • morvah

    What a good post Alice.. If a once-in-a-lifetime Venus transit, sandwiched between a pair of lunar eclipses hasn’t taught us this, what will? Children do this naturally don’t they? It’s what makes them so delightful.. M x

    • RightMotherhood

      We could learn a lot from them, couldn’t we? Most of the time, anyway! When they’re not counting down the days, or even months, till their next birthday / Christmas / the day they’ll be old enough to drive…! 😉

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