Magic Pillow Potions…

I am excited to announce the launch of a new line. It was introduced on my RightMotherhood Facebook page yesterday, and today has become available for the first time.

Here follows yesterday’s introduction:

“I have long been an advocate of natural remedies and our house is a positive apothecary at times: essential oils, flower remedies, homeopathy… Our first question is “Can we treat this naturally?”

There are labelled dropper bottles all over our home, carefully marked with a name, a use and the contents, and we have fixed such problems as sleep-neurosis, inattention, inability to fall asleep, and ear infections (to name but a few), all with positive results.

The two stand-out concoctions for me have been the Pillow Drops, and the All-Natural Ear Drops. Each of these is a blend of essential oils, but both with very different uses and applications.

 The Pillow Drops were born when my middle child was having trouble sleeping at night. His life had been a little turbulent and he had begun to be afraid of going to sleep. He also woke regularly with nightmares and struggled to go back to sleep again. I did some research into useful oils for calming, for inducing sleep, and for protection (the part he loved the best) and made him a mixture I called his “Magic Pillow Potion”.

We sprinkled it on his pillow and his pyjamas every night and, after a couple of weeks, the cycle was broken and he stopped waking. We still use it regularly: it is a wonderful smell and his bedroom becomes a gloriously comforting place to be as we are enveloped by the perfumes.

It wasn’t long before his brothers became rather envious, and each of them has their own bottle now. My eldest son was struggling to fall asleep, but when he remembers to use his pillow drops, he soon gives up the battle. Nor are mine the only children they have helped. They have proven effective time and again.

And then there are the Ear Drops. My second son is prone to ear infections. He is particularly likely to be affected when he goes swimming, and suffers regularly with Otitis Externa (a middle ear infection). Again, a little research led me to create a combination of oils with antiseptic and healing properties. We used it initially as a cure for infection, and now use it as a preventative (straight after swimming). Like the Pillow Drops, the Ear Drops are 100% natural and can be used as often as needed. A couple of drops in the affected ear (for a cure) morning and night, or in each ear after swimming (as a preventative) – couldn’t be easier.

In the coming weeks, both of these mixtures will be available to buy. I’ll be announcing here and on my blog where they can be obtained.

Love and light to you all. x”

And today is the first unveiling of my Pillow Drops. To the right of the page you will find two links directing you to the two different sizes:

  • 10ml for £7.50 (with £1.00 P+P); and
  • 30ml for £16.50 (with £2.00 P+P).

You don’t need to be a maths genius (and I am certainly not!) to work out that the 30ml bottle is economically more beneficial if you find you like them and they work for you, too.

They will also be available from my Etsy shop “Weaver’s Hitch”, the link for which you will also find a little further down the page on the right.

The Ear Drops are in production and will be launched in the next week or so. I will announce it when I have finalised the preparations.

Much love – and health – to all.

Alice x


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