Opinion: The Equality of Love and Hate

Today, a simple quote. I have found it enormously useful – vital in fact – and am offering it here to remind you that, ultimately, no matter what anyone says or does, you know who you are. And no one can take that from you, nor change it. I believe, too, that this is one of the most powerful tools we can give our children. And it boils down to personal integrity.

It is crucial that we remain independent of both the positive and negative opinions of other people, regardless of whether they love or despise us. If we make their assessments more important than our own, we’ll be greatly afflicted” ~ Wayne Dyer: Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

There are two reasons I have found this so profound:

1) From the simplest perspective as I have already said: remember that you know who you are and no amount of badmouthing or rumour-spreading or malice can change that; and
2) The opposite perspective pulls you up, doesn’t it? It’s rather a surprising thought, that we could be greatly afflicted by positive opinion? But it is equally dangerous to our integrity. The message is: don’t believe the hype. If you are in the apparently enviable position of being adored and respected, don’t stray! Still remember that only you can know what is in your heart.

In either case: you know yourself.

Or, more simply:

Know yourself.


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