Save the Children…

This is a cause that is far too close to my own heart for comfort.

For three years (more than 1,100 days) I have watched a fellow human being go through anguish, despair, incomprehension, anger, agony… desperation… and all to fuel another human being’s  Victim Consciousness.

But the real victims are the children.

I write here a lot about acceptance, about not railing against reality, against ‘what is’. But this is also a blog that is fundamentally about parenting from a spiritual perspective. I am fortunate enough to have my children with me, although I am under no illusions that, in my particular circumstances, it is primarily because of my gender that I do. It has to be one of the  most difficult and painful situations I can imagine to know that your children, children for whom your love was never in question until the day that you and your spouse separated, are alive somewhere, living without you, believing they no longer love you, while you are desperate for a word, a sign, a sighting… a hug.

We all have our journey or, to coin a more ‘religious’ phrase, our crosses to bear. We puzzle over the lesson it is that we are being asked to learn, the reason behind the difficulty, the call to step up, to reach a place of acceptance. We struggle to do so, knowing that it is only in doing so that the struggling will cease. It is difficult to do for ourselves, yet with practice we know we can, eventually, achieve it.

But to be asked to accept that treatment of our own children feels like a bridge too far.

This form of child abuse is reaching epidemic proportions. We need to spread the word, to educate, to prevent this situation from being allowed to happen.

Today’s revenge for the alienating parent is a lifetime of pain for the children.

Please. Click on the link below, learn about Parental Alienation Syndrome, and then: Spread the word.

Divorce Poison: the alienated parent.



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